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If you’re looking for ways to cut back on maintenance and repair cost for your car after the warranty expires, why not try American Automotive Services and get yourself a vehicle service contract to help you with repair expenses, especially those pesky unexpected ones without breaking the bank.

Contrary to what most believe, vehicle service contracts aren’t extensions of your car’s warranty. They’re more like its big brother. It covers a lot more that what your warranty covers and it will really come in handy when your vehicle’s warranty comes to an end. Very timely since most vehicles (most owners can attest to this) seem to need a lot of repairs done right after their warranty expires.

What does the service contract cover?

Different service contracts cover different aspects. Different tier levels if you may. That is why you should read carefully what is stated in the contract you are looking to avail. If ever it doesn’t suit your needs, you can always optimize it until it does, provided that it fits in your price range.

Do bear in mind though that these do not cover repairs due to accidents, it would be better if you get a separate insurance for that. The contracts also do not cover repairs for wear and tear due to negligence of not getting regular maintenance. It is often stated in most contracts.

What vehicle upkeep you need to do in order for the contract to stay valid

Most vehicle service contracts usually state explicitly what you need to do on your end to keep the contract valid (and useable). This usually includes regular maintenance recommended by the manufacturer’s service centers such as fluid checks, oil changes, spark plug changes and a lot more. You know, the usual stuff you do when you get it serviced.

Can I still take the car to my regular or manufacturer’s service center?

Sure you can, most contracts allow you to choose the service center you are most comfortable with, provided that it meets specific criteria stated in the contract. Usually these contracts require you to go to a service center that has an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified technician, typically most manufacturer service centers have these anyway.

In any way, getting a vehicle service contract may be beneficial to helping you avoid those unexpected charges from repairs you are going to be slapped with after your warranty comes to its bitter end. What’s paying a monthly minimum charge to paying over $1000 for engine repairs anyway, right?

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