Driving Lessons – Choosing the Right Instructor

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Learning to drive is always considered a milestone in one’s life. Now before you actually get behind the wheels it is very important to obtain the right kind of training and guidance. Therefore hiring a good and qualified instructor is imperative to become a qualified driver. This is because hiring someone who is not qualified to teach can make the whole process actually very nerve wrecking and expensive. Always choose someone who puts safety first and not profits. Now the question arises how do we actually make the right choice in choosing the instructor? The following guidelines will help you understand the procedure in detail.

Qualification and Accreditation

The first and the foremost thing are to check for the accreditation status of the driving school you wish to join. Ensure that it has the required accreditation by the local body. Other than this it is important to cross check the qualification of the instructor or the trainer as well. For example if you are finding an instructor in UK or nearby areas then ensure that he is registered with the driving standards agency (DSA). If the instructor is displaying a pink permit on the vehicles window then he is a trainee and not yet fully qualified to become instructor. But they can still work as an instructor at a licensed franchisee with the pink permit. Once the instructor completes all the three qualifying exams then he is awarded the green badge. The qualifications and accreditations can vary from country to country.

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Reputation of the Instructor

Apart from qualification checking on the reputation of the instructor is also equally important. Before hiring do some research online to see reviews and experiences of people earlier trained by him? This would give insights on how your training could potentially progress and how much you would benefit from it.

Car Type

It is always advisable to train on a small or a medium sized car for better control. Other than this ensure that the car the instructor uses has dual control. This is important as in case of emergence the instructor can take control of the vehicle to savage the situation.


Another very important thing to be taken into consideration is that the car used by the instructor should have comprehensive motor vehicle insurance. Also having a public liability and professional indemnity insurance will be a good plus in choosing the instructor.

Technical and Interpersonal Skills

The instructor should give continuous feedback during the sessions as this could give you an insight on where you could be possibly going wrong. Apart from this it boosts your confidence as well.

It is very important that you hire a good professional driving instructor right from the beginning to lay a strong foundation for the future. Therefore going in for instructors with approved licences is very important.

Happy Driving!!

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