4 Reason Why There Are So Many Rap Music

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Music had been part of everybody’s life ever since the early times. Because it is inevitable, people especially musicians had been finding ways to make music diverse and reached many people. One of the music genres that people had been liking these days is the R&B / Hip-hop music genre which is where rap music is categorized.

Rap music is very rampant these days. It is even topping on billboards and even dominates the charts. Many people are wondering why rap music is getting popular and why there is so many rap music. Here are four reasons why there is so many rap music.

Easy to Craft

Among all types of songs, rap songs are probably the easiest to construct. Rap songs just need a good beat and lyrics that rhyme at the end. They are like poems when writing their lyrics. Rappers even use the same word, phrase or sentence just to fill words in the beat.

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Do Not Need High Vocals

Rap songs are sung in a fast pace. They do not need to be in high notes. They can be monotonous and just let the beat energize the song. The lyrics can also be like a chant. They can also be sung in a slow pace. Whichever style the rapper use is okay with rap songs as long as it sounds good with the beat.

Exposure from Other Genres

Another reason why rap songs are gaining popularity is that of its exposure to other music genres. Rappers like Nicki Minaj, G-Eazy, Gucci Mane, Fetty Wap and so much more to mention are featured in other artists’ songs especially those who are in the Pop Genre. Since rap can be paired up in any beat, adding it to Pop tracks are a piece of cake and will definitely gain popularity.

Controversial Messages

The best part of rap songs is that it is so easy to include messages that can stir up or further ignite drama. Everyone loves a little drama so rapping about someone and even the life of the artist himself. This will definitely amuse people and they love to listen to the messages brought out by these diss tracks.

With these reasons, a lot of artists even those with no talent at all can create a rap song while being relevant and at the same time not relevant. Whether it is a good rap song or a terrible one, people will still find this amusing. With the help of the Internet, rap songs had been available in online music radios and streamings.

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