Dodge the Embarrassing Fashion Disasters

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Do you know how to scare a fashionista? Just shout out a loud “wardrobe malfunction” that can panic them in no seconds. This is something emergency and quite embarrassing in the fashion world where everyone wishes to escape. Wardrobe malfunction doesn’t have anything to do only with celebrity it could happen to anyone and anytime.

However, some wardrobe malfunctions have made people to grab wrong attention and faced the humiliation. Everyone is a victim of wardrobe malfunctions in one or the other way, but there are certain tips that can help to avoid them.

Simple tips to stop wardrobe malfunctions

1.     Nipple slips

Sometimes stepping out without a bra might be emancipating, but there is no magic trick to avoid the unsuspected flashes. There is a certain outfit that’s out of box creation with sparkles and mesh designed carefully, but make sure you wear the perfect undergarment for the outfit. A double-sided tape can help you fix the problem temporarily, which can provide the solution to evade the common mishap.

Embarrassing Fashion Disasters

2.     Sheer outfits

Wearing sheer clothes are little sexy these days, but make sure you get an appropriate colored undergarment that’s apt for the dress and stay sheer genius.

3.     Tights ladder

When lights are on and the weather gets bit cold, you got to keep your legs warm. Add an element to keep your leg warm with colored tights, but don’t wear jeans! Make sure you pick the colored tights that match with your dress and give an extravagance look with a neat appearance.

Make sure you spray them clearly with hairspray to prevent laddering while you step on the dance floor to shake your leg and spare tights is not a bad idea.

4.     Bulgy

There will be certain times you would be finding trouble to choose the perfect undergarment, either it could be tight or oversized. If the undergarment is tight it could appear to bunch your skin, or your dress might look bulge that makes you feel conscious and end up covering with scarves and coats.

Shapewear can smooth you and help with the bulge, or adjust the straps with the garment or bra that can reduce the bunching appearance.

5.     Unexpected rips and deodorant marks

Purchase a dress that has a good quality of fabric, low-quality clothes can rip and it could be hard to control at times. Give importance while buying the party dress that includes fabric which provides great comfort. Make use of baby wipe to remove the deodorant marks if you’re in hurry and don’t leave any deodorant stains on your dress.

6.     Button pop

Make sure you’re wearing the right bra that goes with your outfit, and if the garment seems to be tight considered a padded bra or a bra that you’re comfortable wearing. Ask your dressmaker to sew the inserts that can help to avoid the mishaps.

7.     Static clinging

During winter certain outfits stick to your skin, and the clingy garment is likely to create mild shocks when there’s a handshake. Make use of wire hanger to remove the static charge of your garment. If your dress sticks to you use moisturizers to avoid the cling when you get out of the car or walk.

It’s never late to put an end . . .

Wardrobe malfunctions can be extremely humiliating, but it can be avoided when you learn what goes with your clothes and makes you look more attractive. Take the necessary actions and implement to avoid the wardrobe malfunction and follow the fashion trends for spring to look glamorous and stunning.

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