Totally Rad Outfits From The 80’s You’d Probably Wear Tomorrow

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The 1980s was a time of simplicity and outrageousness. The only signs of the Internet were found in underground military bunkers, computers compete with the size of living rooms, and Reagan was still in the White House. However, let’s not forget one of the people’s most favorite topics when we’re talking about the 80’s – fashion.

Perhaps you saw your mother in her neon jazzercising clothes, or you’ve probably seen your kid sister walking around town in her bright jelly shoes. Cloths of 80’s times were simple at most, but it displayed one characteristic that highlighted the era – power. Some outfits and ensembles in the 1980s even made its way to the 21st century, and you’d probably wear some of them tomorrow.

80-tals kläder

Coca-Cola Clothing and Apparel

Coca-Cola is revered as a famous beverage company, but during the eighties, the firm made a merchandising deal with the parent company of Jordache. The result of this business transaction is the evolution of soft drink business to a company that’s more versatile and flexible than before. It paved the way for Coca-Cola-themed shirts, button pins, necklaces, hats, bags, and other wearable accessories.

Mickey Mouse Clothing and Apparel

There’s no place like Disney World, but during the 80’s it also garnered a ton of visitors from across the globe. Mickey Mouse shirts, shorts, apparel, and accessories were seen everywhere, and you can even see them being worn outside the theme park. Some avid fans might even want to go beyond the simple Mickey Mouse-themed shirt as they express their love for the world’s most lovable mouse in watches, necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

Business Power Suits

After Wall Street came out, you’d see many men and women displaying their business attire just about everywhere, even if it doesn’t seem like they’ll be going to work. The banker’s collar, suspenders, wide ties, and the dark, chalk-striped suits make for a definite meaning of the word “Powerful.” Everybody wearing a business suit in the open looked intimidating but respectable. Just think of the people wearing these power suits as the Godfather, except they’re probably not part of the mafia in any way.

Down Vests

Back to the Future paved the way for the term “Great Scott,” among other things. It was also a film that debuted Marty McFly wearing the Down Vest, which is a puffy shirt opened in the middle with no sleeves. It also had multi-colored yokes at the shoulder. Some clothing manufacturers would even deviate from the style a bit by adding chevrons at the chest area. Vintage vests made from Rocky Mountain Featherbed even made some excellently-styled leather-yoked versions during this time. Do be warned that if you want to get your hands on some of these Back to the Future fashion trends, they now fetch a hefty price in online retail stores.

There are just some of the good that came out of the 1980s regarding fashion. What about you, what was your favorite fashion trend during the 80’s?

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