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Forex or foreign exchange refers to a global market where currencies of the world are traded virtually. It is the largest and the most fluid market in the world. This suggests that, in foreign exchange, traders can execute a trade quickly because of the numerous sellers and buyers present in the market.

When a new foreign exchange trader uses the broker’s webpage for his or her initial trade, he or she receives a bonus, a welcome bonus stated as an amount. This bonus cannot be withdrawn because its main purpose is to attract traders to engage in forex exchange. This bonus is called the forex no deposit bonus. Just to inform you, this bonus is not a hoax!

Who Gives the No Deposit Bonus?

The no deposit bonus allows the customers to use it to make trades and withdraw profits from having engaged in forex trade, after the expected number of trades. A trader with the bonus can make money without risking any of his or her money. The bonus comes from brokers, who create webpages to promote their no deposit bonus offer.

How is the Bonus Claimed?

  • Search the web for the site which offers the greatest amount.

Since the bonus doesn’t entail risking your money, you should take time searching for the best offer.

  • You have to register at the broker’s site.

Once you have found the right offer, you have to register at the site. The registration is just five minutes long if you fill out correctly.

  • Verifying your identity and contact number.

You have to present a valid ID. In some cases, you will be asked to provide a utility bill. This ensures that the you are not a fraud.

  • Withdraw your bonus.

You may start trading with your no deposit bonus. Before you can withdraw it, you should have at least done the minimum number of trades that is required.

The no trade bonus serves as a good start for everyone who is just learning the intricacies of foreign exchange. Engaging in a trade like that of forex could pose some risks on your money if you don’t know its mechanisms and tricks. Having the no deposit bonus allows a trader to get a hang of how it is to be a forex trader without worries of losing one’s money. Truly, the bonus does not fail in achieving its purpose to attract people to engage in forex trade.

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