Thinking to start BBG ( Bikini Body Workouts) – points to be remembered

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Looking to the curves of models we always feel jealous of the body they exhibit. The fitness they maintain is fantasy to every woman. We all will have a perception that that body is either maintained under the supervision of trained professionals or might be a god given gift. To have such figure probably long workouts are necessary and a calculated diet. But this perception of many women is proved wrong by Kayla Itsines. Check out the Kayla Itsines Reviewhere.

Kayla itsines is the founder of BBG group and the author for few books that help women to get into the bikini body shape. She is a professional trainer and after through research on her clients she wrote these books. She stood as inspiration for many women. She also launched an instagram profile and an app which help women to reach their targeted body.  She suggested 28 minutes of workout daily for 12 weeks. She suggested 7minitues fun filled workouts daily for 4 routines. She also created a mixture of various workouts to create some change. Many women posted the extraordinary results and gave a very positive response. These workouts can be either done at gym or at home. This e-book fulfilled the dreams of many women.

If you want to try this guide here are some points to be remembered when you are adopting this methodology.

Points to be remembered while doing workouts

  • If you are a beginner then do not start these workouts directly. First for few weeks do a regular workouts like walking and jogging.
  • These workouts are designed for a normal healthy person. If you have any kind of health issues consult your doctor before starting this program.
  • These workouts are designed in a sequence of 3 different styling. Resistance Training, Cardio Training, and Rehabilitation training. Proper sequence should be followed or else you might effect the stamina.
  • First these workouts may take longer time, do not rush on them or over speeding will make you exhausted quickly. If you are working for first time it may take more than an hour. Once you get used to automatically time will get reduced
  • Drink water between the workouts or else you might get dehydrated. Take longer breaks initially. Read the Kayla Itsines Review​
  • Maintain consistency and do not over stress yourself. If you read and try to understand the entire book at one time you will get stressed to complete the routines.
  • If you feel that any of the workouts are not suitable for you or not comfortable for you check for the suitable substitute and replace them.

Theses BBG workouts are designed for women aged 25 to 40. Read the guidelines thoroughly before starting.


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