Knowing more about how the recipients could benefit from BR1M

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In Malaysia, the BR1M Program is being shunned by other people or the opposition because they think that it is a form of bribery by the government into buying votes from those who benefit from it, though a recent study shows that the BR1M is good and is helping people with their financial problems. The study was conducted via a computerized phone call and the ones who answered the survey were people of different backgrounds, age, and gender. There were recipients and non-recipients who participated in it.

Almost 70% of the respondents actually look at the BR1M Program as something positive that is happening in their country. When asked if it is linked to the politics where the government is buying out votes, almost 64% didn’t answer. But all in all, 71.1% are in favor of the brim 2018 which will start right away at the end of the year 2017.

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What led people to depend on this Program?

You really can’t blame the recipients who are supportive of this project because they will gladly accept any type of help from other people. The rise of the cost of living is one reason why they are happy enough to receive monetary aid from the government. They could pay for their basic needs, like food, with the financial aid that is being given to them. because of BR1M, they can at least pay for some of their bills and what not.

How do the recipients use the money?

Some recipients say that they use it for their basic needs. While other say that they use it to pay for their bills like house rent, electricity bills, and their children’s tuition fees. They practically use it to pay for the important stuff. About 83% of the recipients spend the money within a month because let’s face it; money is something that doesn’t stay for more than a month especially if you are in dire need of it.

How can this study help the government?

Because of this, they are able to track and know how they can assist the recipients in the future. They will have an idea of the objective and they can upgrade their services in order to cater to all the recipient’s needs. It is actually a good idea to know more from them so that they can adjust everything according to what they want.

Is this program worth it? Yes, it is. Especially to those who have received a lot of help from the government through this type of project. Most are already expecting the upcoming BR1M this 2018 and they can’t wait what the government has in store for them.

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