Why Should We Not Consume Alcohol And Xanax Together?

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Alcohol and society

With time, alcohol has become a major part of the society and is available everywhere. Though there are certain rules and laws in every country regarding its production, manufacturing and consumption, it can be easily obtained. Since it is legal in many countries, people tend to drink it without hesitation. But the most important thing that people should know about it is that it is a drug and the only one that can be purchased without a prescription. As we have already heard about drug abuse and addictiveness, alcohol is also addictive once you start taking it on a regular basis. Excess of anything is bad and so is with this drug. Taking larger quantities of it can be really harmful for health and causes serious diseases.

Alcohol and society

Alprazolam or xanax

Alprazolam is also a drug that comes under the trade name xanax. It is a benzodiazepine medication which comes under a class of drugs that are used in the treatment of anxiety. It is only sold over prescription that is, a person can only purchase the drug if a licensed medical practitioner has prescribed it to him. The medicine works directly on the central nervous system and the brain causing the body to relax and calm down. This way it can be used to easy anxiety but also possess a greater risk of drug abuse and interaction with other drugs, one of them being alcohol.

Consequences of taking them together

Mixing the two of them- alcohol and xanox is reported to be extremely dangerous. Doing this has several health risks as well as life risks too as the two interact strongly by amplifying each other inside the body. Some of the common side effects include-

  • Drowsiness and dizziness
  • Slowed breathing and heart beat rate
  • Affected memory functioning
  • Speech problems
  • Coma and death in the extreme case

One should always take medical advice before consuming the two of them together.

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