The Signs, Symptoms, and Cure for Marijuana Abuse

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“Once you puff, you can’t stop.” The use of marijuana that can help with certain ailments such as Parkinson’s disease, but only when properly used. Just like any other form of substance abuse, excessive use of marijuana can lead to addiction.

Marijuana is widely known with a bunch of different names including weed, pot, cannabis, and hash, among many others. No matter what name you might call it, unwarranted use of the substance can lead to undesirable results such as hallucinations and even the destruction of one’s life.

The Signs and Symptoms of Using Marijuana

Marijuana contains a distinct odor which is similar to tobacco but is likened to the smell of alfalfa or cooked sage. If you smell this odor from another person, then it’s most likely they’re living under the influence of marijuana abuse unless they can properly explain their condition. Some of the effects of being under the influence of marijuana includes euphoria, drowsiness, impaired memory, bloodshot eyes, dry mouth, cognitive disabilities or impairments, extreme relaxation, an altered sense of time, slow reflexes, impaired motor skills, and an increase in appetite, which is otherwise known as “the munchies.”

The Effects of Marijuana Addiction

While the aforementioned signs and symptoms do exist when taking marijuana medications, there are risks to further complications should individuals practice abuse for the substance. Long-term effects of marijuana may include cardiovascular risk, respiratory disorders, impaired child development for pregnant women, and psychological dependence to the plant. Puffing the marijuana plant will have the same effects as long-term tobacco abuse because of its irritating and lung-damaging attributes. It can even lead to chronic coughs, and it can even pose as a stimulus for creating and increasing the risk of respiratory diseases.

Treatment Options for Marijuana Abuse

 Treating marijuana addiction might be difficult, but it’s never an impossible feat. Treatment programs for marijuana abuse are similar to the cure for addictions for other drugs. Albeit there are no medications to help cleanse the body from the short and long-term effects of the addiction, there are some medicines that can assist in letting the patient control tendencies of relapse and keeping withdrawal symptoms at bay. The best treatment centers can also assist in ensuring patients to not hurt themselves if withdrawal symptoms prove to be too severe for the individual to handle alone.

Marijuana in Modern Society

While there are now areas around the globe permit the use of medical marijuana, some packs of the plant can still find their way into the hands of individuals without the use of a doctor’s prescription. Most marijuana users are found to be in their teen years as this age group is known to be quite vulnerable regarding temptations and peer pressure. There’s also an alarming rise of synthetic marijuana, and these are often referred to as “K2” or “Spice.”

If you think you have an addiction, then don’t wait any longer and seek help. Whether it’s the aid of a close family member or of a professional, admitting that you have a problem is the first step to having a successful treatment.

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