Ways to Reduce the Risk of High Blood Pressure

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In America, around 50 million people, especially the women of age above 60 years, are having blood pressure. Those who are overweight, or have a family history are going through such health problem.
If your blood pressure readings are constantly 140 over 90, or higher than this, there’s a possibility that you have blood pressure. Also, if just one of the numbers is higher over a number of weeks, this means that you have hypertension.

Hypertension causes serious health problems like kidney disease, heart attacks or stroke, which are closely related to forms of dementia. This is because it puts extra pressure on your blood vessels and heart that increases the risk of such diseases.

Ways to Reduce the Risk of High Blood Pressure

Signs and symptoms of high blood pressure

Usually, high blood pressure has no signs, there’s only one way to learn that you have it is to measure it. Sometimes, it happens that you get to see a single high reading, but it’s not necessarily mean that you have hypertension. There are a lot of things that can affect it, so it’s good to consult a doctor and he will take a number of readings of your blood count to check whether it stays for longer time.

People with hypertension experiences headaches, so if you’re noticing any symptoms, going for a checkup is a better option you should opt out.

Factors that causes high blood pressure

Probably, there’s not only a single cause that causes high blood pressure. You learn that your lifestyle could be one of the reasons that affect the risk of developing hypertension in you.

Some of your lifestyle measures are as follows:
• Eating salt in excess
• Eating less fruits and vegetables
• Overweight
• Laziness
• Drinking alcohol in excess amount

If you’ll make some changes in your lifestyle, you can help yourself reduce hypertension.There are some more factors that cause higher blood pressure, but you can’t control them. These causes include:

Signs and symptoms of high blood pressure

  • Family history: As you get older, your lifestyle begins to become unhealthy that might cause an increase in blood pressure. But, no one can control the age.
  • Age: If such problem is common in your family them you’re at greatest risk to have it in you.
  • Kidney disease: Some people who have kidney disease, they might have high blood pressure. Treating the disease medically is a solution to lower the blood pressure to normal.

How to control high blood pressure

You should take some steps to control your high blood pressure to stay healthy and fit. It’s important to do so, especially if you’re a person with heart disease. Lowering the blood pressure will improve the functioning of your heart.

Here’s how you can control high pressure:
• Lose your weight if you’re overweight.
• Keep yourself active
• Eat healthy food containing low amount of salt and sodium
• Limit the intake of alcohol
• Take high blood pressure pills if prescribed

If you’ll follow these steps in your lifestyle, this would prevent you from high blood pressure and will keep you and your family safe and healthy.

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