How do you select the best leash for your dog?

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The warm summer breeze calls you to take out the dog on a leash for that needed exercise. Leashes are mandatory for some areas, so it is must equipment for dog walking and training. and you feel that it is already time to replace the leash. There are quite a number of  leashes in the pet store and other stores. Selecting the best one should be based on the consideration of the size of the dog and the type of dog collar.

Types of leashes

Basic design

For regular and daily use, the basic or standard leashes are for you. It is designed with the loop handle and a metal clip for attachment to the collar. This design can be used to almost all dogs.

leashes & leash

Standard leashes are most commonly made out of nylon and are flat. These are made with different widths with the thicker and longer ones for the stronger dogs. Leather  leashes are considered more durable and some feel they are more

Slip lead

These are designed with slip loop that allows for the easy leashing of the dog. The leash loops into itself and goes over the dog’s head. These are usually made of durable materials like the combination of nylon and leather. However, if you do not know how to use them, this can be dangerous if it chokes on your dog if it is accidentally pulled too tightly.

Retractable leash

This  leash is made of nylon band and can retract to a plastic case with a portion for the handle. Then, you can lock the mechanism like that of a measuring tape. This design spells convenience and ease of use for the owner. This is not advisable for dogs that were not trained on walking. As this usually has a  longer length (for some 25 feet)   the leash could become tangled with the dog or other materials.

Multifunction leash

These are very similar to the basic design leash. However, there a  number of loops in the leash that allows you to shorten or lengthen the leash. It also comes in various sizes, ideal for dog training.

 Leashes with special features.

There are leashes & leash made with added features like the special grip handles. To absorb the shock of the dog’s movement, springs are added to adjustable leashes. For night time walks, some leashes were made of reflective materials for better visibility. Surely the leash with LED lights on will be most desirable to increase dog’s visibility in the darkness of the night. This is the reason why this type of leash has already gained a number of followers.

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