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In our everyday lives, stress is one of the things that cannot be avoided no matter how hard we try to do so; stress can lead to a lot of unhealthy habits as well as ailments in our bodies without us even knowing it which is why stress reduction is important. One way to relieve one’s stress is through meditation. Meditation clears the mind of everything making us more self-aware as well as of course, free of stress. Not only does meditation relieve one of stress, it has also a lot of benefits one can gain that is very helpful in terms of physical, mental and spiritual well-being as well.

meditation pillow

Of course, when meditating, one must feel comfortable so that their minds can be focused; one way to achieve that is by acquiring a meditation pillow that will provide comfort so that the mind and body will be at ease, not to mention very comfortable to sit on. There are of course a lot of meditation pillow available in the market and while One Mind Dharma does not actually sell these pillows, they will help guide you to those that do, with their selected recommendations that will definitely send you to Nirvana.

Get in touch with your inner Zen master, comfortably.

Mastering the art of Zen meditation requires time, practice and of course… something comfortable to sit on. The Mala collective cushions not only provide you with very comfortable pillows to sit on but are made of the finest quality materials as well as designs that will not only make for a very stylish pillow to achieve Nirvana on but will also make for great gifts for your friends who are also trying to find inner peace. With designs such as the lotus flower, the hamsa prayer, the mandala and of course the ohm, clearing your mind will be the only way to choose which of the designs you’d like to purchase.

Remember why you started this path

What better way to remind yourself the path you’ve chosen to take by it being inscribed on the very pillow you meditate on. There are meditation pillows with inspirational messages embroidered on them which can serve as a reminder as to why you have decided to have this journey of inner peace. Not only are these pillows inspiring to look at, they are also very comfortable to sit in as well, perfect for those long hours of sitting and breathing trying to find inner peace.

Meditation is a journey to self-discovery and ridding one’s self of stress and the negative things life has offered. Inner peace can be achieved with the help of first and foremost, having something comfortable to sit on. Choosing a meditation pillow that works best for you is important so as not to keep your mind from wandering elsewhere and being distracted all the time because of being uncomfortable.

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