Get the Right Tone for Your Electric Guitar Using These Tips

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It’s safe to say that every guitar owner will set the right tone of their precious musical instrument at one time or another. It’s that mysterious yet elusive quality of music that you can just feel it in your bones and hear it in your ears but can’t seem to explain it properly. If someone asks you what the ideal tone sounds like, you’re bound to stutter a lot because there’s no real way to answer that query.

Different musical masterpieces require different tones, and electric guitar players need to know the right sound unless they become the reason for the failing sounds emitted by the entire band. To help you get the right tone as an electric guitar player, here are some tips that’ll make you say, “That’s the one.”

Understand the Beauty of Speaker

What’s an electric guitar without speakers? Many musicians who primarily play the electric guitar won’t give speakers a second thought but know that this will always be where the sound of your instrument will be coming from, and know these musical marvels sound different from one another. The variables in looking for the right speaker for your specific musical requirements are vast, but there are some key points to understand to help you choose the right unit. Learn about the magnet weight and type, the power rating in watts, and the sensitivity of the sound measured in decibels.

Tweak the Scale Length

The scale length of your electric guitar is defined as the distance from the 12th fret to the nut multiplied by two. While some electric guitarists don’t think much about the scale length, it influences the tone of your audio performance more than you think. Note that the Fender standard of 25.5-inches sounds different from the Gibson standard scale length of 24.75-inches. The Fender standard will also have a higher string tension than Gibson standard variants at the same relative pitch so it’ll have a more obvious note separation. Once again, it depends on the style of music you’re playing so you might want to choose your options wisely.

Get a Grip

Seriously, get an electric guitar grip. With this accessory, you can gain more pick and less force to allow you to make for a bigger tone as opposed to using the musical instrument as it is. After all, you’ll most likely use your right hand a lot, so if you’re pinching the pick but there’s only a tiny amount of plastic coming out, then you’re going to get rid of some of the low-end portions of the audio spectrum of your tone. Once again, this notion may or may not be suitable for all types of music so it’s best to do some testing first.

Getting the right tone is crucial for any musical instrument player, especially for electric guitarists. If you want to make sure that you’re going to have complete control as to how your instrument sound, then better build one using a DIY electric guitar kit.


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