How Much Should I Spent For A Wedding Gift?

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It is taboo to ask for a couple of wedding gifts, but common sense and etiquette requires a wedding guest to donate. It then becomes a question of how much money to give for wedding gifts, and unfortunately there is no simple answer. How much money to give wedding gifts is based on many different factors?  So do not feel obligated to give a specific amount if it is in your comfort zone.

Here are some factors to decide the wedding gift

Based meal

When considering how much to give for wedding gifts, a general rule dictates to give enough to cover the cost of your meal at the wedding. This can be difficult to discern, but thanks to the internet which has made everything easier. You can now check the room or reception site catering the wedding to determine the price of meals. If you are given a choice of meal, you can look for specific meals and see exactly how much the couple will pay for meals. Then simply give enough money to cover your own meals.

How Much Should I Spent For A Wedding Gift


Another little trick to decide how much money to give for wedding gifts is to look at what the couple mention on their register. There will probably be a wide range of items available for purchase at the register. Look at the cost of items, choose the one you think the couple wants and then give them as much money in their wedding card. You can even write a nice entry in the map that shows exactly what you see on the registry that you hoped they would enjoy with your monetary gift.


There is nothing more important when deciding how much money to give for wedding gifts as your own budget. When it comes down to it, the only requirement is a gift card with the wishes as well. If you are able to pay more, add some personalized gift to your budget. The couple would not want you to suffer just to give them a great wedding gift. Remember, you have until one year after the wedding to send a wedding gift.  So if you cannot afford a gift upon marriage, just give a beautiful wedding card and send the wedding gift later.

While your budget and your age marriage are factors a few factors to decide to gift on wedding day,  $ 75 is usually appropriate. If you bring a guest to the wedding, you can double the amount.

If you are a friend Close or relative of the couple

If you are a close friend or relative of the bride and groom, or one of them is a co-worker, £ 65 to £ 97 is a good amount. You also need to double the amount if you bring a date for the wedding.

Bottom Line

If your budget allows, to £ 48 if the wedding is for a friend or relative, to give at least £ 65 if you are very close with the couple, and double those amounts if you bring a guest. If your budget can not afford that, give as much as you can without it becoming a financial burden.

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