What to look for while opting for a DIY Electric Guitar 

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Building an electric guitar is time consuming and requires the completion of several steps before your project gets finished but be patient and you’ll be happy with the results.

The tools needed to build an electric guitar are common to most woodworking shops and available at hardware stores. Some tools and jigs may be made from scratch or improvised for a special situation. Power tools expedite the process enormously. Using hand tools can take more time, especially in the milling stages, but with some perseverance. Success is insured. Overall, a balance of hand tools and power tools is the best. Both types require some practice and skill to master.


 Small variations in neck shape can cause noticeable differences in feel and comfort. Carefully consider where your thumb rests on the neck, how different string spacing work with your fingers (both with chords and single-note runs), and how different finishes (gloss or satin) feel on the back of the neck.

Also make a note of how the neck shape should change over its length in order to reflect the change in wrist angle and hand position between the lowest and highest frets. You may find that you like how one neck feels near the nut but prefer another above the 12th fret, and may want to shape your neck to make a transition between the two keep in mind that the neck shape should allow for comfortable playing over extended periods of lime.


It is a mechanism inside the neck that counteracts the forward bend created by the pull of the strings. It allows the neck to be adjusted to have a very slight curve, or relief. that is optimal for achieving a low, comfortable string height at each fret The amount of relief depends on string gauge (thickness), the desired height of the action, and personal playing preferences BUSS rods bend the neck but do not actually 7 Keep in mind that tonal consistency Is only a good thing If you want it some players prefer that each note have Its own distinct character.

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