Do you need to buy a new set of cookware?

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So you bought a new Induction cooktop and you might be wondering just about now if all your existing cookware can be used for it. If you’re new to this, first thing you need to do is learn at least what an induction cooktop is, what it does and if there are really specific induction cookware or if you can use what you still have.

Learning the basics can save you a great deal of time and money. Rather than buying a whole new set of pots and pans and whatnot, why not take time to browse through the internet and look for articles that you may find useful. Your wallet won’t regret it.

You’ve just been inducted.

Hurray! You have just become one of the proud owners of an induction cooktop. What is an induction cooktop you may ask? Aside from it looking sleek and cool, it is very efficient, much more than the regular gas stove. Unlike the traditional gas stove, it uses magnetic fields to heat up the cookware rather than a flame or electric heating element. It heats up your pot more effectively compared to the other two.

Induction Cooking

It is also super safe. The surface of the cooktop doesn’t get hot so you can actually touch it with your finger without burning yourself. Who actually touches cooktops with bare fingers anyway? This also means that if you spill something, it would be easily cleaned up since it won’t burn.

Summoning Magneto to check your pots and pans.

Some of your existing cookware might be compatible while others may not. How can you tell if your pot or pan is induction compatible? That fridge magnet might just probably be your best friend. Hold the magnet to the bottom of the pan and if it sticks, it will work. If the magnet sticks but if it looks like it’s hanging on for dear life, you might have little to no success for the pan to work. If it doesn’t stick, well, don’t stick with it. Also, when you go shopping for cookware next time, bring that handy fridge magnet with you.

With today’s innovation, there are things that make kitchen life easier for us. If you are an expert culinary chef or just someone who loves to cook, induction cooktops are for you. It’s fast, safe and reliable. Just don’t forget to check whether your cookware can or cannot be used. Don’t forget that magnet! Now go and start cooking!

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