How to play safely in a play pen

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Parenting is a big task for everyone and most parents depend on the playpens to keep the kids safe. Play pens are the safe places for the kids to play when the parents are not available. Mom can watch the kids from kitchen. There are many playpens are available and a number of websites gives the data on playpens like

Play pens are the safest place for the kids to play. These are flexible, detachable and can be converted to the required shape. Even if the children are grownup these can be used to fence TV, fire place and other danger areas in the house. In early days, play pens were made with wood. Now a number of models with different models and designs are available and one can easily browse in the internet to know the details. Many websites gives the detailed information about the play pens for example .  Parents can go through the websites and compare different models and costs to buy a play pen for their kid.


Besides having the safety in the play pens, it can also lead to mishaps if not followed properly. The dos and don’ts to be followed for safety in a play pen are

  • The sides of a play pen should be at least 20 inches from the floor of the play pen.
  • If the play pen has mesh sides, the size of the hole should not be larger than ¼ inch. The mesh should be checked regularly for tears, holes, breaks and loose threads. If observed tears make repairs immediately. It is suggested not to go for a diamond shaped openings as there is a chance to trap the baby’s head in it.
  • Check for the hinges and support fittings of the play pen.
  • A firm mattress of 1 inch should be placed at the bottom of the play pen.
  • The padding on the top of the play pen also to be checked.
  • The locks could be out of reach of the kids and could not be operated by them.
  • The play pens should not be placed near windows.
  • It is advisable not to tie or sting toys to the sides of the play pen.
  • Allow the baby to sleep on his back in play pen.

Thus by following the above tips by the parents can make the play pen a danger free play zone for their children and the kids can play safely in play pen.

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