The Best of All Diamonds

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Diamonds are not only a very pretty gem that we used to accessorize but also these are of high value. These are also known as the hardest material. No other mineral or metal can cut a diamond. Only a diamond can cut a diamond.

However, diamonds differ from one another. There are diamonds that differ in shape and color. There are also different when it comes to transparency and carat weight. Because of their differences, they also differ in value. Some diamonds may be of less value than the others and may be also of higher value than others. Here is how we can know if the diamond is the best of all diamonds.

By Cut

 Diamonds can come in many shapes and sizes. These shapes include Marquise, Round, Princess, Radiant, Trillion, Baguette, Oval, Emerald, Asscher, Cushion, Tapered Baguette, Heart, and Pear. When buying a diamond, we tend to go for the most attractive shape in our eyes. However, even if there are shapes that are really beautiful to us but unfortunately, they are not the best cut. The best diamond cut is none other than the infamous round cut. This is also the most commonly used diamond cut for engagement rings.

By Color

 There are diamonds that appear in different colors. There are diamonds that have a shade of yellow. There are also cases that a diamond has a rare shade of blue or pink. However, the high valued diamonds are not about the rareness of the diamond shade. Actually, the clearer the diamond, the higher the value it has. In diamond grading, this is categorized as absolute colorless.

By Clarity

 Similar to the color of the diamond, the more transparent the diamond, the higher value it has. The more you can see through the diamond, the more of high-quality it is. This can also be determined by using a microscope. The best diamond by clarity is under the grade of flawless.

By Carat

Carat is what is used to measure precious gems like diamonds. It is a tiny measurement since a tiny diamond is worth a lot of money. Carat weight will depend on the size and cut of the diamond. Like other gems, the larger the carat weight or size, the higher the value.

With all of these to consider, it is therefore concluded that the best diamond is a diamond in a round cut, clear color, flawless and big carat size. Keep that in mind when you buy a diamond. Also if you have a diamond and you want to have it appraised to determine its value, you can click the link free diamond appraisal.

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