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In Carrier Underwood’s famous song, Before He Cheats, she references destroying the car of her promiscuous ex with a Louisville Slugger. To an unknowing listener, this could mean anything. It can mean a sandwich, a ball, or even a hat. They all sound like they could be a Louisville Slugger.

But, to any true-blue baseball fan. It couldn’t be any more obvious. The legendary baseball bat is a favorite of many of those who play professionally and just for fun. If used by a person with the right skill, then homeruns would be something expected. While it is a top choice for a bat, it isn’t the only one.

A Player’s Best Friend

The type of bat one gets can make all the difference of how hard he or she hits. Skill is important of course, but the constitution of a bat can give that extra push. There are plenty of great bats to pick from under the bbcor bats drop 3 website. It provides what the bats are made of and what are some of the benefits of using them. Everyone has their own preference and this is a good way to choose them.

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Wood Doesn’t Work

Remember when baseball bats were made entirely out of wood? You would see kids in the street batting up with these oversized sticks and think that it couldn’t get any more powerful than that. Obviously, you were wrong. This was before materials like steel and rubber could be fully used. Now, the bats are a different story. They’ve been technologically upgraded. It doesn’t mean it’s electronic or anything, but they’re loaded will all new sorts of materials so a homerun doesn’t seem that difficult anymore.

The Feel is Just as Important

You might be impressed with all the advancements bats have undergone (you should be!), but it’s still important to actually hold the bat. How the bat feels in your hands can determine how comfortable it is to swing. If it’s to thick too grasp then it might be hard to swing. Check out your local stores to see what fits best with you

To end, bats have come a long way since the wooden sports wonders of yesteryear. They’ve had a little work done and it’s only for the better. Using these bats can mean a lot of homeruns during a lot of games, but as always, it needs the right skill.

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