Applications Of Noise And Vibration Control

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There are a lot of noises present in the environment around us and controlling or blocking this noise improves the living conditions of a place and also increases the productivity of people working in it. Noise and Vibration Control play an important role in many places like the recording theatres, movie theatres, factories, entertainment and sports facilities, retail stores, malls, offices, indoor shooting ranges and restaurants.

Vibration Controls

Applications of Noise and Vibration Controls:

Educational institutions– studies claim that the noise inside and outside classrooms affects the concentration and learning abilities of the students. There are a wide variety of noise control tools like wall panels, ceiling tiles, baffles and barriers that can be used in side classrooms to improve acoustics.

Gymnasiums and large multipurpose rooms– sound bounces off the high ceilings and hard surfaces in gymnasiums and other multipurpose rooms which create unwanted echoes and distortions. Noise control baffles and panels can be used in these places to reduce the problem.

Restaurants– while the menu of the restaurant and the taste of its food are important to draw customers, the ambience of a place also affects the customer’s experience. Pleasant acoustics also play an important role in the ambience of a restaurant. Restaurants can use wall panels and ceiling tiles to absorb the intrusive noises like clattering dishes, scraping chairs and loud laughter.  These tiles also add colour and texture to the decor of a restaurant.

Offices– offices are the noisiest places with noise from various gadgets like computers, Hvac systems, mobiles and conversations. This noise travels from room to room and interrupts meetings in the conference halls and other meeting places. The noise is transferred from one office to other if proper noise control tools are not used. All this noise pollution decreases the productivity of the employees and reduces the living quality of these indoor spaces. Offices can use noise control tools like wall panels and ceiling tiles to reduce the noise transfer.

Retail spaces and malls– there is a lot of noise in retail stores and shopping malls when they are filled with shoppers. All this noise reduces the quality of the space and may become a drawback and dissuade the shoppers from visiting the mall. There are a wide range of noise control products like ceiling tiles, wall panels and baffles that can be used for small and large retail spaces. These tiles and panels are available in different colours and textures to suit the interior settings of these places.

Factories– noise is a major concern in factories and industrial places which use heavy machines. This noise reduces the concentration and productivity of the workers. The fatigue caused by loud noises also leads to accidents. It hampers the communication between supervisors and workers. Hence Noise and Vibration Control is a major concern in factories and industrial settings. There are a variety of vibration isolators and noise controls suitable for these places.

It is important to control the noise or reduce it to make a place liveable and improve the working conditions. There are a wide variety of tools available for the purpose of noise control. These tools come in various colours, styles and textures to suit the interior designs of the places they are being used.

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