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Capturing picturesque views and getting some really good pictures is hobby for some and profession for some. Whatever is your reason for capturing some breathtaking pictures, knowing about different lenses for your camera will certainly be of great help. Lenses are more to with the size, clarity and detailing of image captured on the SLR camera.

What is an fx lense?

Fx lense is the full frame image sensor that can be captured with a 35mm film frame size. Hence, the cameras with fx lense are referred as full frame cameras. So, it can capture the image in the dimensions 36mm*24mm that can be projected onto a Fx sensor. Fx lenses can be used on both fx and Dx format cameras. While there is no crop factor in fx sensor, some fx lenses when used on a particular camera give a view equivalent to 75mm lens which is referred to as the crop factor on dx cameras. Fx sensors are preferred for their greater light gathering area, low disturbances and greater sensitivity. They give you more control on the depth of the subject and a higher dynamic range to give a great image quality due to its larger pixels.

An fx sensor camera when used with a non-dx lens gives a bigger image while the fx camera with Dx lens can be used to get a crop image.

Features of fx lenses

The list of fx lenses is great and they come in all ranges. So, you can sure get one that fits your budget and has some really great features. Below are some features that you can expect in some fx lenses:

  1. Have a quick and extremely sharp focus
  2. Wide angle coverage
  3. Good low light performance
  4. Automatic distortion correction

Choose the one that best suits your requirements.

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