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Want to make your Android App stand out from the crowd? Buy installs Android from RankAPP and you will immediately receive the best installs from real devices. It is pretty easy and you will receive many benefits that will make your App a popular one instantly. Receive the best ORGANIC TRAFFIC without any problem!

How Do Paid Installs Work?

Well, these installs are FROM REAL USERS and not from BOTS. The Installs get registered in your Android App page and immediately increase the ranking. Also, if you want, you can receive some reviews as well, making your Android App have even more popularity.

What you need to do is to access RankAPP select the package of your choosing and make the payment. Without having to do anything else and by just registering the data of your app, you will receive organic traffic as soon as your App gets into the market.

Avoid CPI Campaigns

If you ever thought about having the best traffic on your Android App without having to pay too much money – here’s your solution. By using RankAPP you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a CPI campaign that will eventually only give you downloads and nothing else. Do not pay $0.01 for each install when you can do it for a lot less.

Here, you will not only buy Installs but buy the best Keywords Installs as well. This will help you increase the positioning of your app inside the App Market and make a better impression. People will see your app according to what they’re looking for. And what’s better – you won’t have to pay for CPI campaign with inorganic traffic and no results at all.

All of this at the BEST price you can think of!

Who Can Benefit From It?

Anyone, who has an App on the Android Play Store .As simple as that, do you have an app on the Android store? This is the service you need. Doesn’t matter if your app is a game, a corporate app or a simple calendar – with RankAPP your Android App will immediately receive the attention you need.

And if your app is high-quality, you can be sure you will get even better benefits from this service. Push your App into the market with better installs, less money, and less effort as well. You will gain the best advantage over your competitors without having to invest half of what they’ve invested.


  • Boost your APP position on the Android Market immediately
  • Get the best installs for the lower price you will find
  • Gain a high number of users instantly with installs
  • Get organic traffic that will increase popularity of your app

An Easy Decision!

Want to make your app have the best popularity on the Android Play Store? Make the decision NOW! Choose the service that will make your APP the most popular one right NOW!

By selecting one of the packages you are immediately hiring a group of professional markets that will do their best to boost your app in the Play Store as soon as you pay!

This is a really easy decision to make! Do not waste more of your time or effort by trying to improve the ranking of your App by hiring services that don’t work! Choose RankAPP Today and you won’t be disappointed in any way!


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