How to use the full frame camera lenses in any occasion?

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In photography, there are various styles in approaching this subjective art form. These various styles also demand the use of various cameras as well as lenses. The cameras can be classified by their models, the entry level cameras for the aspiring amateur photographer, and mid-range cameras for the intermediate and professional cameras for the well… professionals. As if this weren’t enough, there are also different lenses for different occasions too.

Of course buying an entry level camera comes with a stock kit lens but when you progress further you might want to upgrade to a different lens and usually full frame camera lenses are preferred by both amateurs and professionals alike. Why? Since usually the kit lens shows you a cropped view of the picture you’re going to take while the full frame lens well, it shows you the full frame. To find out which full frame you can use for any occasion, you might want to check out in-depth reviews about them on

Welcome to the market 

If ever you are in the market for a new lens, a full frame lens to be exact, get ready to be bombarded with a wide selection of full frame lenses from different brands. Of course the big names such as Canon and Nikon carry full frame lenses but there are also brands such as Tokina and Sigma, not to mention Sony, which you can choose from. This greatly broadens your choices and opens doors to new possibilities. The key to selecting the lens for you is choosing the one you might use more often, sort of your go-to lens for any and all occasions. This might narrow down your choices quite a bit.

Power of deduction 

Look for the lens based on your style of shooting, if ever you are into portraits, product or street photography, you might want to choose a prime lens with around an f/1.5 to f/1.4 aperture to give you that oh so sweet background bokeh that will definitely make your subject pop. When you know what you are looking for in a lens, it’s easier to look for one. You now only need to decide which brand you’re going to get, this is of course if you’re not brand conscious or loyal to any brand.

Well roundedness

Of course there are some full frame lenses that are suitable for any type of photography and if you’re an amateur looking to try different styles of photography or a professional who wants something they can carry that can suit all their needs, getting one is ideal. Usually the versatile ones are those that range around 17-55mm with an aperture of f/2.8 and the prime lenses which have a fixed focal point meaning you can’t zoom in and out unless you physically move towards or away from your subject. These prime lenses typically are 50mm and 35mm respectfully and usually come with either an aperture of f/1.5 or f/1.4 and these are usually great in low light situations.

All in all, using a full frame lens for any occasion depends on the lens you have. Usually you can always make do with a kit lens but of course, kit lenses usually have poor quality photos. The key to using a full frame lens for any occasion is to find a full frame lens that’s versatile enough to do so.


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